Iris and Maria with Rattan, August 2018

Hereby a short report about the first India experience of my and my mum.

Rattan was on time to pick us up from the airport. From the moment we start our journey, we were impressed by the Indian life. Straightaway Rattan was very open and kind. The car looks neat and it was always nice and cool when we got in. During our journey the feeling temperature was 37 degrees, so we were happy with that. And thereby he almost always had cooled water in the car.

On our first days in Delhi, Rattan give us some good tips of places that we could visited there without being pushy. Because there was a lot to see in the city and that we could indicate to Rattan what appealed to us, he definitely helped to make good use of our time.

After Delhi we have visited Jaipur and Agra. Rattan was always on time when we had an appointment. He had a great added value by talking about his own life and the daily affairs in India. The communication between us was good.

We were very impressed by the driving skills of Rattan and we always felt safe with him in the car.

I definitely want to come back to India and want to make use of the service of Rattan or one of his colleagues again. I want to recommend him and you to everyone who wants to visited India after all my enthusiastic stories.

Many thanks for the mediation with Rattan and all the tips with plans. Hopefully I can approach you soon for a new travel planning.