Throughout the years, I have visited various countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, England, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Nepal, and India. India will always be the most fascinating of them all.

After two organised group trips to India with the Dutch travel agency Djoser, I met an Indian taxi driver on my third trip to the country with a travel agency in Delhi. Over the years, we have driven through half of India together. I kept journals for our first two trips in 1996 and 1997. After those two, ten more trips followed.
The driver spent two months in Groningen, The Netherlands at my invitation, to get acquainted with the Dutch culture.

Would you also like to explore the unique country of India on your own, and completely customized? Then feel free to contact us with your questions or information requests.

Rob Pijpers (Groningen – NL)
Rattan Singh (Delhi – IN)