In India there is generally no need to make hotel reservations in advance. There is plenty to choose from for any budget.  Making reservations only limits your possibilities for staying somewhere for a longer or shorter period of time.

All drivers are fully informed about the offering and they will be able to advise on your choice. Additionally, they will see to it whether the hotels can be reached safely by car, which will be very useful.

Hotels in MandawaGuido & Nicolien:
“We had not booked the hotels in advance. And a good thing too, because now Rattan could recommend us the hotels where he could spend the night as well. The first nights we agreed on the price ourselves. Rattan thought we didn’t handle that very well, so at the other hotels he negotiated on the price. Once we asked for another hotel, which was no problem.”

Marije & Ewald: 
“The hotels Bhaskar took us to were first-class. They cost us generally between 22.50 and 30 Euros (indicate the price range you want). Always favourably located, with good restaurants and nice rooms. Sometimes he was given commission on a room, or he could spend the night for free (not always though: sometimes he had to pay for his own room in a drivers home), but we granted him everything.”

Hotel-Lake-PicholaAnja & Jan en Beppie & Berry:
“The hotels were to our satisfaction. We have not once rejected a hotel to which Sushil took us. He solved any small matters immediately.”

“We felt free to choose our hotels and whenever we needed help Anil advised us very well. We have had no low points in our journey. I think Anil has also been able to add some new hotels to his list.”