Jan, Truus, Harry and Nel with Sushil, October / November 2009

We call India more of an experience than a holiday. All impressions have now settled in. It is a country that can not be compared to another. Masses of people, colors, scents, noises, etcetera. This country can hardly be described. You have to live it. Life in all forms manifests each day in full proportions and sometimes extremities in the streets.

We had planned to see a large number of sightings. What we did not count on was the amount of things you see and feel travelling from one place to another. We have seen and lived through so much, an enriching experience. This also makes you tired and we had to rest and think about our journey.

What with the incredible chaos on the roads and their quality, driving is an art here in India. But Sushil took us safely to all places we wanted to see. We greatfully thanked him for this. He is an experienced and very alert driver. When asked what he needed to drive in India, Sushil said, a steering-wheel, a car-horn and a great deal of luck.

When needed and asked Sushil neatly arranged other things for us, like guides, tuk-tuks and the boat-trip in Varanasi. We changed the travel-program for a day. Instead of spending the night in Lucknow, we bedded in Bareilley. Again Sushil phoned in to arrange rooms. We did this because the trip (Varanasi – Bareilley) is easily done in a long day.(We reached Lucknow around noon.).And our trip the next day continued steadily towards the Himalaya’s with enough time for stops and to enjoy the beautiful sights.

During the week Nainital – Kausani, the Jim Corbett National Park was really nice in several ways. Cool temperature, calmer, clean air, less dirt and beautiful nature.

Where in the low-country it is a mass of impressions, the nature really has the highest rule in the Himalaya’s. Pure enjoyment. All in all the four of us look back on a beautiful, but also incredibly impressive journey. We will remember this trip for a long time.

Also, again thanks to Rob for his advice, that really contributed to this unique experience.