Ger and Carmen with Bhaskar, November 2016



Our journey: if you put horrible and fantastic on a scale from 1 to 10 then we have been through the whole range.

It will take a while before everything has found its place in my head.

Our journey passed off almost entirely as planned. Sadly, Carmen has eaten something wrong on the day that we arrived and through that she was struck down the next morning. In the afternoon we have made a walk to Connaught Place.

A disadvantage was our “hotel” near the Taj Mahal. This was a last minute solution and all the better hotels (we have tried three of them) where all full. This was perhaps due to the fact that it was Saturday.

A second disadvantage: I found it hard that Bhaskar did not always had a decent sleep accommodation. But when I suggested to take a room for him, he always rejected.

Again: Bhaskar was a great guide (and driver). Something which was nice for him: he could talk Hindi with Carmen.

If we go back to India, I will definitely make use of your services and experiences.