Frank & Ted with Avtar, June 2010

After a short week in Leh we came back by plane to Delhi, where Avtar was already waiting for us punctually (with a badge) on the airport. Of course he recognised us immediately from January last year. We walked to his luxurious car where we could step in directly, what a pleasure! After the colder Ladakh , in Delhi we were all of the sudden in very hot temperatures;…we did not realize that it could be so warm, so this car was perfect with a lot of space, we felt on top of the World!

From Delhi we moved on to Chandigargh, this was not a very nice town, We had not expected that either, but it was on the way to Amritsar. This was nice, but very busy with tourists from India self at this time of the year..The golden temple was very impressive and the border ceremonie in Wagahs was very nice to have experienced. Also here the heat was terrible, but worth the trouble. We stayed for two nights in Amritsar. Afterwards we went on to Mcleodganj, yes that was a lovely beautiful environment, nice village, we were in a hotel in Bhagsu, about 1/ 1/5 km. away from Mcleodganj, very relaxed and walked a lot. Here it was also very hot, but much better to cope with than the rest of India. We stayed here for five nights. We did not need a taxi, there was almost not even a possibility for a taxi; it was very busy with tourists from India self.

The fourth day we went on exploring the region of Avtar, Kangra, Palampur, a beautiful surroundings with mountainous area and many rice and teaplantations, Marie-Louise! Afterwards we drove back via Shimla to Delhi, we did not feel like staying here and after talking it over with Avtar , we went on to Delhi the next day where we could take a rest from the trip. Well Delhi was a little bit worse than we had expected because of the high temperatures. On the whole we had lovely holiday.
Many thanks of course, and we shall apply again when we have plans to come to India again.