Eddy and Denise with Dubey, February 2016



We are back in the cold Netherlands again. In Goa it was still 37 degrees. Luckily we haven’t been ill for a day. We were very content with our driver Dubey. Everything went well.

India is a special country, perhaps poor, dirty, a lot of noise … but quite fascinating. We learned a lot. But to be quite honest … I would not want to go to the north again, I have seen enough of it!

After 12 days I was glad to be going to Goa …To go to where it is peaceful and quiet. Goa was magnificent! Esoecially Majora, nice and quiet, beautiful beach weather and nice seawater.

I might go there again one day… but I’m not prepared to pay the visa costs and go through all the trouble again, so I probably won’t go there again (alas).