Nina and Michel with Ajay, February 20016



We, father and daughter, have made a wonderful trip through a special and beautiful area in a country of extremes! We are happy with Rob’s choice to travel a large part of our journey with a private driver. Rob provided us beforehand very patiently with useful advice how to arrange our three weeks.

Subsequently, Ajay took really good care of us. He made suggestions and thought along with us about our destinations. Unlike the rest of India, he drives very safely and when asked he can tell many things about the country, religion and culture. He brought us to good hotels within the given budget and waited cheerfully for us every morning!

We preferred to choose our own restaurants. He would stick to very touristic places, to protect us from bad hygienic conditions of course, but we preferred to go looking for adventure ourselves! The journey made a geat impression on us, we have really been able to enjoy it, also because it had been arranged so well!

Thanks very much and good luck.