Corry and Leo with Deep, February/March/April 2018


About two weeks before we would go to India we found out that our planned journey (9 weeks travelling through India with a tuktuk) unfortunately was not possible and that we completely had to change our programme. We have visited India a couple of times and we like to travel without a certain plan, but it was pretty scary to completely change our Indian adventure at the last minute.

Luckily, Corry knows how to deal with the Internet and at a certain moment she found the website . We like to travel with private car and private driver, but of course there has to be a connection with the driver if you want to have a pleasant time. So Corry directly contacted Rob Pijpers to see which opportunities he has for us on this very short term.

We have nine weeks and together with Rob we decide to firstly go to Rajasthan for three weeks. In Rajasthan we want to visited some familiar as well as some unfamiliar places. After three weeks we want a day off and then go for two to three weeks to Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The last weeks we want to fly to Haiderabad to go to the middle of India.

Rob thinks along very well with us so that we broadly have a plan before we leave to Mumbai. Rob has arranged a car with private driver who will drive us through India for five to six weeks. Deep, our private driver, is waiting for us at the airport of Delhi. During the trip it appears that Deep is a bit quite but very friendly and extremely caring man with whom we getting on better and better. Every day we discuss with him what we want to do and see the upcoming days. No effort is too much for him. To use his own and very much used words: no problem sir !!!

To make a long story short (the rest you can find on Pindat), we want to travel the full nine weeks together with Deep and Deep wants the same (we had a lot of fun together). So after visiting Rajasthan we decided to travel further with Deep and his “Deepmobile”. In the end we got to Uttar Pradesh and then travelled to Nepal. After one and a half week seeing Nepal we left the country on the western side and via Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab we ended our journey in Delhi.

All in all it has been a beautiful journey, whereby we have seen and experienced a lot of new things and on top of that we were lucky that we could do this trip together with Deep. We were happy that we did not do the trip together with a big organisation (whereby there is also a possibility to travel individual), because we found this a much more pleasant way to travel. Every day is a surprise, you are 100% free in your programme and you will find your hotel at the end of the day (whereby of course your private driver is very helpful). When it comes to dining you can choose whatever you want, from very simple to the better restaurants.

Read our complete report on Pindat, ask Rob if he can help you with your plans and if he also can arrange a private driver for you. Go visiting India before it will be too touristic and you would be missing all those nice, small things. If you meet Deep, than give him a big hug from Leo and Corry.