Tjerk & Claudie with Sudarshan, November 2011

For many years we have been travelling to far away destinations. Usually we merely buy a round-trip ticket and book a hotel for the first night. It seemed to us that travelling through India would be a little bit too adventurous to attempt on our own. Therefore, we decided to hire a private driver. We googled and found Rob. He brought us into contact with Sudarshan. It proved a masterstroke, because we got along famously.

We have come to know Sudarshan as a reliable, safe driver. He has an easy-going style of driving and he kept his cool in mad traffic. Moreover, he recommended good hotels, in fact, we got the impression we often got one of the better rooms. The same could be said for the restaurants. He is very punctual, patient and always polite.

He knows the country inside out and he can be said to be a kind of ‘driving Lonely Planet’. We departed somewhat from the ‘traditional’ tour done by most tourists which did not present him with a problem. It is easy to confer with him and explain to him what you want. We have also visited places that were not tourist attractions, and these he managed to find for us without fail.

Above all, we considered him to be an agreeable person with a great sense of humour. Our contact was very informal. Sudarshan has contributed to us having an unforgettable holiday in India. We have gotten to know the country better than merely its beautiful palaces and fortresses, because of him.