Stefanie and Uiles with Pappu, February 2009

Everything went well, we were very impressed by India. We travelled from New Delhi to Jaipu. After this we travelled to Pushkar, Ranthambhore, Agra and then per train to Varanasi.

We were very happy with Pappu; he took us to restaurants that were safe for us to eat in and he was very useful arranging hotels (we did not have reservations in advance). Communicating with Pappu went well; with the chauffeurs we had during our last trip to India this was not always the case.

The trip to Varanasi was fun also, but maybe this can also be done by car, since travelling train takes 15 hours (excluding delays). On the other hand, we did not have much time left.

The next time we will go to India, we hope to visit the northern part and Dharamsala.

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