Natascha, Alexandra & Patty with Bharat, February / March 2009

On Februari 22th Bharat picked us up from the airport of New Delhi for a 10-day tour through Nord of India. The tour went from there to Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar and finished in Udaipur. During this trip you have shown us everything and more. You gave us the feeling we were safe among the chaotic traffic on the streets and everytime you would find a nice and good hotel within budget.

We had no worry’s in the world and you took very good care of us. 9 out of 10 times you knew the answer to our questions and things you didn’t knew you would ask around to tell us later. Futher, you had your own questions about Holland and other countries I have visite and so we had a lot of nice conversations during our rides.

We have very much enjoyed this trip, your company and your humor. All and all, a recommondation for everyone! And who knows, will meet again in the future. All the best to you!

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