Mireille and Davy, with Rattan – February 2008

We are back from ‘incredible India’, as our driver Rattan kept calling it over and over. Our trip was a fantastic experience. You have to see, smell, and feel it to completely understand it.

Even for Davy, who knows quite a bit about culture, this visit was a real shock. We have seen such beautiful things. Rattan took us to places that could have come straight out of a film. What touched us the most were the people, though. We have seen so much poverty; it touched me deeply.

Rattan was so much more than just a driver for us. He is – like we told him – a wise, cheerful, friendly, and smart person. We laughed a lot, and talked a lot about the differences between Europe and India. We connected right away, and from day two we asked virtually everything we wanted, and I think the same goes for Rattan. Our trip certainly wouldn’t have been the same without him.

We thought we were well prepared, but actually being in India is different than imagining it from your cosy chair at home. Words can’t really express all of our experiences. Everything went so well. One week in India really was enough for me. I had a hard time coping with all the poverty again and again. The hotels that we stayed in were really nice; we were glad to be there in the evening, so we could get some rest before a new day arrived. We did not travel on our own in the evenings, because I was intimidated by the chaotic traffic.

We are currently making a beautiful photo gallery with music, and we’ll definitely send you a copy to thank you, Rob. Because we would also like to say thanks to you for the good advice, and for setting up our trip, etc..