Miranda and Hannie with Rattan – November 2007

My mother (70) and I (37) have travelled a lot (a.o. Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia; all of the times on our own), and we had cherished the wish to visit India for years. A car with a driver seemed to us like it was the ideal way to experience Rajasthan.

We found Rob’s website with Google, and we made a tour of 18 days through India with Rattan as our driver. In spite of all of our travelling experience, we did find India to be very chaotic and often dirty as well, but hiring a car with a personal driver was truly fantastic! Not only does Rattan drive excellent (not unimportant, considering the busy traffic!), he really made an effort to have us enjoy ourselves.

Rattan helped by making reservations at hotels, buy us bananas, give us his telephone number for the home front, and even by bargaining when we wanted to buy a special chess-set!

We also appreciated Rob calling from The Netherlands every now and then, to check on how we were doing.

If you decide to go to India, then this truly is an amazing way to see a lot of the country in a short amount of time and in a comfortable way!