Lieve, son and girlfriend, with Rattan – November 2007

After eight visits to India, I decided to explore central India as well this time. There are not many places filled with tourists in that area, which appealed to me. I found Rob’s website with Google, and shared my vision on travelling through India with him, as well as the places that I wanted to visit. It was decided that Rattan would be our driver, because of the lesser known, poor quality roads in Madhya Pradesh.

I wouldn’t know what to look for in a driver besides all qualities that Rattan has: he is a fine person, an excellent driver, considerate, correct, eager to learn, cheerful, humorous, calm, punctual, and he gave good advice to expand our travelling plans.

It was a calm journey, we rarely drove more than 125 miles per day. It was tiring to drive almost daily to the next destination. Also, because of an average speed of 30 miles an hour, you have to sit in the car for a long time in order to drive relatively short distances.

We were with three people, and we all brought our own small suitcase and backpack. Rattan also brought a cooler along, so that we had fresh water during our trip. It’s a very comfortable way of travelling.

Travelling through India is always fascinating. You experience an endless amount of impressions, which is gripping and relaxing at the same time.

For my next trip to India, I won’t have to Google “car rental with driver” anymore, because I don’t have to look further than Rattan, his colleagues, and Rob. Thanks Rob and Rattan! We are already thinking about our next trip.