Marco & Erica with Sushil, April 2014

We are very pleased about the way the trip worked out! Sushil proved to be a very reliable & punctual driver, who expertly assessed the travelling time & the places worth seeing.

On arrival after a successful flight, Sushil was waiting for us and took us to our hotel (I had booked the Taj Palace for the first night/morning). We arrived at 3 a.m. and were able to freshen up and sleep for an hour. Then we left at 12 a.m. to arrive at Rishikesh at 7 p.m. We took Sushil’s advice as for an hotel and that suited us fine. Around 9 a.m. we drove in the direction of Netala. The Toyota Innova has been a good choice. Our children got carsick a little bit at times, but in my opinion it has certainly helped that they were sitting higher in the Innova and were better able to keep their bearings.

On arrival in Netala we were given a hearty welcome and we stayed in the Ashram for eleven days. We walked around for a bit and have been able to achieve the aims of our trip. Our hostess exerted herself and arranged for two priests to help us give a party in which all children of the place were fed; the party stood in the sign of the ancestral prayers. Excursions to among other things: Sukhi Top, Rishikesh, among other things: Ganga aarti.