Lisanne (18) and family with Avtar/ Rajasthan, July 2014



As of the moment we arrived at the airport in Delhi until the last day of our stay we had a great time in India. Sweet driver Avtar has certainly contributed to that. He is an excellent driver, his English is good and he is very flexible and reliable. He knows the country very well and he can tell a lot about it. With our family of five we expressed our wishes regularly about, for instance, shops, hotels, cities, restaurants and swimming pools, and we have actually never been let down. One advantage of travelling with a driver is definitely that you never have to look for a hotel yourself, for that is something you won’t be too happy about in this country.

Avtar always knew a good restaurant around, wherever we found ourselves. He is very protective and will not let you eat just anything in the streets or walk outside by yourself at night. If you make your wishes perfectly clear about how many days you want to stay somewhere, Avtar can easily arrange for more or fewer nights to be booked at that hotel.

More tips:
– The camel safari in Khuri with a nice evening meal and dance performance!
– Strolling around Jaisalmer and having dinner at TRIO’s (with a view on the splendid Fort).
– Watching Octopussy (James Bond film) in Udaipur and having dinner at a hotel with a view on the Palace Hotel.
– Going to the cinema in Jaipur to watch a Bollywood film with another 1,000 Indians in the room.
– Taj Mahal, Agra.
– Ambling along the streets of Pushkar.
So we were quite satisfied about this trip in India. It is a very special country with many different customs and a lot of culture.

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