Josfin and Irma with Ajay, April / May 2013

After having more than 25 years of experience abroad including being an expat in Asia and going on holidays with drivers, I can warmly recommend the way I travelled through India recently. Luckily I ran into the “India Individuel” website while surfing the Internet. The structure of the site made me feel comfortable enough to go a step further.

I sent Rob (Dutch and Belgian contact) an e-mail including my wish list.
Compliments for Rob who responds to every mail immediately as if he is sitting next to you. And with an adjustment in places (after consideration “what is wise?”) all my wishes were met. So I really got my money’s worth.

This shows the skills of this organisation the way it is structured now. It has a good crew of drivers with a sound fleet of cars.
Another remarkable thing of this organisation is “that all connections were made one-to-one”, which is impossible to do when travelling with a group and hard to do for a lot of Indian travel agencies.

Our driver on this trip was Ajay, whose social skills can be mentioned as an extra personal quality.