Irma and Cormil with Bhaskar, February/March 2017

Everything went well, on the Indiaway, and at the bottom of the line everything will be alright! Our route was also for Bhaskar a challenge, outside of his familiar region ;). Thank you so much for your time and attention to enable this mode of travel.

Overwhelmed by the bustle, that was insurmountable.
Completely immerse yourself into another culture.
We did not book any hotels before, there are enough for every budget.
We really enjoyed ourselves, we had a wonderful time, with a nice and good driver and all our wishes were made in consultation.

India: a fascinating and chaotic country.
‘You hate it or you love it’

The atmosphere is so special, there is so much to see, that if you surrender to it you are going to love it. Exploring the country, a mix of culture and nature, touristic and non-touristic places, from a city to small villages, temples and palaces, Buddhist area, prayer flags and dipping into the Ganges.

Weddings, oxen pulling wooden carts, farmers on the land, huts, water pumps and so on. Up to the edge of the Himalaya with a magnificent view on the snowy mountain peaks, great.