Wouter & Leonie with Bhaskar, September 2014

We have been traveling through Asia for more than 10 years, so we have seen quite a few things. But this time we certainly had a wonderful and special holiday. Rather hot, but that is beyond anyone’s control. Our driver, Sharma, has certainly contributed to our successful holiday.

1. Perfect driver who stuck to the traffic rules nicely. We haven’t felt insecure for a moment in all the chaos.
2. Caring. He warned us against pickpockets and aggressive sellers. He also indicated whether we needed a guide or not.
3. Helpful. If we weren’t able to resolve anything he solved it for us. He arranged a guide if necessary. He also arranged replacement transport if we could not get somewhere by car.
4. Kind, funny. We laughed a lot. Humour makes the long journeys bearable. Time flew by really fast. For him as well, so he told us.
5. Extremely thoughtful. We didn’t want for anything. En route stopped in time for a cup of coffee or lunch. When there was something wrong with our room he would stand up for us.
6. Informative on our way. Explanations about buildings, flora and fauna.

Saying goodbye was rather emotional on both sides.