Suaran & friends from Malaysia, May 2009

I have been a friend of Rattan’s since 2004 when I first got the opportunity to meet him when he was engaged to be my driver for a round trip in Rajasthan for about 12 days.

He was excellent and we have stayed in touch eversince. I look back to the Rajasthan with fond memories. My mother was also with me during the trip and she had a wonderful time. She talks about it till today and only has nice things to say about Rattan and his warm friendly service.

I was recently back in India, and this time with a group of 7 friends who wanted to head north to Simla and Manali. Our trip began on 8th May. Rattan was only able to join us when we returned to Delhi for about 3 days. Rattan showed us around Delhi and took great care of everyone in the group.

Everyone only had positive reviews of Rattan’s service and his eagerness to help/clarify in all circumstances. We also appreciated how hard he tried to make our stay comfortable in India and that he looked out for our safety and happiness at all times. He went out of his way and beyond the call of duty for us.

All of us will remain grateful for the amazing service and cheerful disposition of Rattan who now has new found fans amongst my friends.

Rattan had very nice things to say about you as we sat down one evening and I learned a lot about his background, his struggles and how one dutch gentlemen offered a helping hand and changed his life. For that, may God bless you for your loving act of kindness.

When India beckons again, I shall be calling Rattan!

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