Renate and family with Bhaskar, January 2015

We have had a wonderful trip. First five days in Pune, where my daughter came up with a nice programme and after that the tour from Udaipur to Delhi. It was a feast for our eyes and we enjoyed every minute of it. I have only had to miss one day as I had to keep to my bed because of a fever. But that isn’t so bad when travelling for 2,5 weeks with four persons.

Our driver Bhaskar was polite, kind and always punctual and took us (mostly) where we wanted to go. This was the first time we travelled like this and for me it was the second time I visited an Asian country.

I do have a few critical comments to make. Maybe it can be of use to you with other guests who make this trip for the first time. Just to be clear: Bhaskar was a good driver with a typically Indian mentality. For us this is a learning experience. So this is the way things go in these countries. And we will handle things differently next time.

Anyway, thank you very much for mediating. We can look back on a great holiday and we have said goodbye to a happy Bhaskar.