Patrick & Christine from France with Rattan, November / December 2013

Superb 3 week trip in India, North Delhi to the foothills of the Himalayas (2000 m) , with our Rattan driver always available and flexible. Rattan is dynamic and always has suggestions for visits or hotels to offer its clients. Everyone is free to ask anything else.

With him anything is possible. He is always willing to different choices but actually love to argue, sure to feel rightly desires of its customers.
More Rattan takes no commission on the places visited , hotels or shops and even gives advice for the right price .

Very warm hospitality from Delhi airport to 23h 45 to take us to the hotel we had booked. In fact at this time of the year without tourists or Hindu or European , we found a hotel easily always at the last moment and this in every city. Ideal temperature 25 ° C day and 15 ° C at night. However it seems that this time was exceptional. Climate change is everywhere on the planet!

The next day left for our trip , stopping and visiting Kurukshetra , Amritsar, Darhamsala , Manali , Shimla , Haridwar and Rishikesh. Between each city, providing a day’s journey so is heavy traffic for rather small roads with scenery guaranteed (cars , cows, bicycles, motorcycles, tuck tuck, rickshaw , trucks, … )

The remarkable points of this circuit are : Amritsar to the border of Pakistan and its golden temple Sikks , grandiose and moving where there is a great contemplation before speaking very loosely based on each.

Dharamsala or rather MacLeod Ganj a few kilometers away , a small mountain town inhabited by many Tibetan refugees , very quiet with craftsmen making Tangkas .

We stayed 5 days in Rishikesh , heavenly valley and peaceful and rejuvenating religious ceremony ( Ganga Aarti ) the Ganges every evening from 17h . Many opportunities to experience different forms of Yoga and Meditation by short courses .
Manali and Shimla and Rishikesh provide wonderful hiking , trekking, descents torrents in a beautiful wilderness.

Without Rattan , we’d spent next to many possibilities, because he always take the initiatives for dialogue with Hindus to make us happy .
The magic formula : India is incredible . All is possible,

Patrick and Christine