Melinda, Monique, Paulien, Jose with Sushil , August 2009

WE LOVE INDIA AND SUSHIL! Thank you very much for your mediation, we have had a wonderful time in India (Delhil-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi). We have had a great time, we never expected travelling could be so much fun and a so relaxing. Sushil has told us much about India. He was our ‘driving lonely planet’, speaks English very well and we suspect he also understands some Dutch. If we were speaking to one another in our native language, he would give the correct answer in English.

But it was more than that: he was not only our guide, he became our friend during these four days. He gave us tips on what was wise to do and what not, he arranged tickets, he arranged good guides at the many sights and he took us to the best shops. If we did not want to go to a particular shop, he would just bring us somewhere else without discussion. He was a more than excellent driver: we felt save with him driving (although the traffic does take some getting used to).

Every day, we would take off in a clean car (clean on the outside and inside), he made sure we got our necessary supply of vitamins and because of his good sense of humor we have laughed a lot. It was an unforgettable and wonderful trip, definitely worth repeating.

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