Maria, Fia and Annelie with Anil, December 2012

By now we are back in the Netherlands, which took some time to get used to. But we have had a very nice vacation.
Anil was a fine driver, quick and safe. We drove to Jaipur via Pushkar, and thence to Agra. We stayed in Jaipur at Christmas. A lady invited us to a midnight Mass, and Anil accompanied us there. For him as well as for us, this was a very special experience.

The weather at Agra was misty and cold, so we only visited the Taj Mahal. The next day, we drove on to Delhi, where Anil dropped us off at the airport.
All in all, we have had a very nice trip, during which we saw, and did, very much. Consulting with Anil was very satisfying.
Whenever we are back in northern India, we know how to find you. We’d definitely do this again!