Jose & Alicia with Rattan, january 2012

My name is Jose and I am a guy from Barcelona who has lived in Holland for the last 5 years.
During our trip to India in January 2012, Alicia, my girlfriend and I, spent 2 weeks with Rattan on the road. We decided to hire his services after a good friend recommended us his group of drivers. I have to admit that we were a bit skeptical because we had heard a lot of bad experiences with drivers from other friends. But, in the case of Rattan, we couldn’t be wronger.

Since the very first moment we arranged the pick up time, he was extremely professional. He was always on time; always ready at the time we previously agreed. We had a great time with him talking about the differences between India, Spain, Holland and the Western and Indian culture.

He gave us a good explanation of the cast system, the 3.300 millions of gods that India have, the traditions and culture of the country and the challenges of the day to day life of an Indian, and always from his personal experience point of view. We truly enjoyed those chats with him.

Rattan not only brought us where we wanted, when we wanted but also recommended us places to visit that we hadn’t considered. He also suggested alternative itineraries. He’s been driving around India for more than 16 years. So, he knows all the right spots everywhere.

And the perfect final for our trip was when he invited us for dinner with his family in Delhi. It was lovely to share a real Indian dinner with his wife and 3 kids. We had such a great time…

I would definitively recommend Rattan as a driver if you are considering hiring a driver while travelling in India.

Alicia & Jose