Eddy and Marleen with Babu, September / October 2009

Returned from an unforgettable journey in a unique country. The system shock predicted to us by many, that is to say: ( the dirt, stench, poverty and people writhing with pain in the streets) did not manifest. Have we become numbed by our previous travels to distant countries, or has India truly evolved. We think: the latter. It’s obvious that there is a lot of poverty, but we didn’t see any really terrible situations.

Only the hectic traffic exceeded everything we had ever seen before. Luckily we had Babu, who is a great driver, perfectly able to navigate us safely through the crowded streets. From our western perspective you could think the long traveling times were a disadvantage but they flew past thanks to the good talks we had with Babu, who taught us a lot about India and also about the place he came from, namely Nepal.