Cyril en Angelina with Bharat, augustus 2007

We drove through Rajastan with Bharat for three weeks and it was a great way to learn about India. It was our first trip to Inida and with the car and driver we were able to see a lot of things in quite a short time.

India is very colourful and has nice tempels, forts en palaces. But also walking around in city’s like Jaipur, Delhi or Udaipur is very special. We always try to go up in the crowd a littele bit when we are on holiday. But the Indian people before all do regard you as potential custumors. This way looking around is a bit difficult. Except for Pushkar, which is a very relaxed stop after seeing Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The heat was not as hard as we expected.

Bharat had guided us perfectly for three weeks. Besides a great driver he is a very caring man and he has a good sense of humor. He also has good tips, like learning about Indian cooking from a local family. Our travel schedule was very relaxed and Bharat also drove very carefully. Bharat is an easygoing man. You just let him know what you want to see. Finding a hotel is also very easy, because Bharat always knows good options you can choose from. All together we have had a very special trip.