Caroline & Robyn (NZ) with Bharat, September / October 2008

The thought of being confined in a car with a driver – somebody you don’t know – on your first trip to India is a bit daunting. Would they be trustworthy? And would they even turn up at the pick-up point that had been arranged? We needn’t have worried. Bharat duly arrived (during a demonstration on the train platform at Jodhpur) and took good care of us from that moment, to our departure at the hotel in Delhi. By that time we were firm friends.

Bharat is a good family man and a good host to his guests in his trusty Ambassador car – truly an Indian classic. He helped us with our little errands & with our wants, had good advice to offer, but was never pushy about it. Completely reliable and a vigilant driver on difficult roads! Thanks Bharat for looking after us so well.

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