Anja and Jan / Beppie and Berry with Sushil, September 2013

We found our experience with Sushil as very pleasant. In hectic India we always felt safe with his experienced driving skills. He seems to have a built-in Tom Tom system, because he knows his way around everywhere, in particularly the short cuts. Communication was also very positive. He speaks English very well, can tell a lot and knows jokes, which are as funny even when translated.

We have also been in places where hardly any tourists come in our opinion, especially not when travelling in groups. Moreover, he saw soon that we have a preference for flora and fauna. He responded to this quickly. The information he gave on certain issues and how people can act was very useful. However, he always left the decisions to us. The hotels were to our satisfaction. We have not once rejected a hotel to which he took us. He solved any small matters immediately.

He kept asking us for feedback on sites, places of interest, etc. that he could use for a possible next trips. Sushil has been pleasant and decent company for the entire journey (2500 miles). We would preferably ask for him on our next possible trip to India.