Agnes and Marcel with Rattan, June 2012

We’re back from fantastic India for a few weeks now and are busy selecting our photos and sorting our thoughts . we have had a great trip in Rajasthan! India is a country full of contrasts, colours and scents, and it has a lot of special places to visit. We are very much impressed by all we’ve seen and the kindness of the people. Three weeks on, images from our travels keep returning to us, and we are still fascinated by the country.

It was very hot, with an average daily temperature of 110°F and extremes of 120°F in the desert, but we do not regret choosing Rajasthan.

About Rattan, we can be short and clear: a very reliable, helpful, always smiling and friendly driver who never hesitated to do anything for us. Cold water in the car every day, small things like bananas and cans of soda, negotiating about hotel prices, and even helping us while we were sick – nothing was too much for him.

Thanks very much for your mediation and your work (and once again a big compliment and thanks to Rattan). We have already made plans for our vacation next year: we’re going to India and Nepal, and we already outlined our journey with the help of Rattan when we were in Delhi. We like to keep in touch with you (and through you, with Rattan) for our trip next year.